Washington Juneteenth 2000 Commemorative Art Prints








Paintings by Alvin Carter, National Juneteenth Artist

Capture a part of American history and order your Juneteenth Art Print today!

"It's an honor and a privilege to be chosen to create these two Historic works of art celebrating this most significant and historic event, marking the end of slavery and the beginning of Freedom for all Black Americans.

"I strongly believe that art is for everyone, and it's not only to entertain us and aesthetically beautify our environments, but art should educate, inform, inspire and enlighten us as well.

Thank you for ordering your JUNETEENTH 2000 Prints today."

Artistically Yours,

Only a Limited Edition of Prints Are Available!

Size Approx. 12 x 18

$55.00 with frame included
(plus shipping & handling
for each print ordered)


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